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Cruise Review Summary
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Line
Cruise Ship: Carnival Pride
Reviewer's Name: Nancy
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Does the reviewer recommend this ship? Yes
Sailing Date: June 2007
Cruise Length: N/A
Destination: Mexican Riviera
Room Type: Interior
Carnival Pride Cruise Ratings:
Dining/Food: Cruise Ship Rating
Children's Facilities: Cruise Ship Rating
Entertainment & Activities: Cruise Ship Rating
Specialty Restaurants: Cruise Ship Rating
General Staff Service: Cruise Ship Rating
Spa & Fitness Services: Cruise Ship Rating
Stateroom Quality & Decor: Cruise Ship Rating
Ship Quality & Decor: Cruise Ship Rating
Overall Rating: Cruise Ship Rating
Reviewer's Comments
This cruise was pretty good. We've had better cruises, but nothing was really bad about this one. The food was OK, the room was OK, the service was OK, the shows were really good. We especially liked one of the comedians - he was a riot!

The casino was always packed and it was pretty tough to get a seat to the shows on some nights. The show lounge is very nice though, and it really felt like we were at a big city show when we were there. The spa was average and the decks were always busy as well, so it was sometimes hard to get a lounge chair in a good location near the pool.

The food onboard the ship was about what we expected - average. The buffet area would get really busy around lunch time, so it's definitely best to get there a little before or after the peak (12 pm - 1 pm) lunch hour.

The port stops were good. We especially enjoyed our time in Cabo. We look one of the small boat excursions and went out into the bay. The views were amazing and we'll never forget them.

Our kids had a really good time. The kids program was good and they spent a lot of their time hanging out with a few new friends that they made in the program. If you're looking for a good deal and have family-friendly in mind then this is a pretty good option.
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