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Celebrity Millennium Cruise Reviews

Celebrity Millennium Reviews

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Cruise Review Summary
Cruise Line: Celebrity Cruises
Cruise Ship: Celebrity Millennium
Reviewer's Name: Wendy R.
Location: New York
Does the reviewer recommend this ship? Yes
Sailing Date: February 2007
Cruise Length: N/A
Destination: Eastern Caribbean
Room Type: Junior Suite
Celebrity Millennium Cruise Ratings:
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Children's Facilities: Cruise Ship Rating
Entertainment & Activities: Cruise Ship Rating
Specialty Restaurants: Cruise Ship Rating
General Staff Service: Cruise Ship Rating
Spa & Fitness Services: Cruise Ship Rating
Stateroom Quality & Decor: Cruise Ship Rating
Ship Quality & Decor: Cruise Ship Rating
Overall Rating: Cruise Ship Rating
Reviewer's Comments
This was our third Celebrity cruise. On this particular cruise we went to the Eastern Caribbean, leaving from Fort Lauderdale. Our flight down was nice, and the cruise was really nice!

At embarkation we were quickly processed and allowed onto the ship. The service was really great throughout the entire cruise. The staff was very nice, and was always there when we needed them to be.

The food was excellent; what we'd expect from a Celebrity cruise (based on this cruise and our past cruises with them). We especially enjoyed the dinner on the formal night. I had the lobster, which was excellent.

Onboard the ship there were a lot of activities to do throughout the day. We went to the casino each night for a little excitement, and also enjoyed the nightly shows. One of the shows had a comedian which we didn't care for the comedy style of, but the rest of the shows were very good.

I definitely recommend this ship, and this cruise line.
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