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Cruise Review Summary
Cruise Line: Princess Cruises
Cruise Ship: Crown Princess
Reviewer's Name: Matt K.
Location: New Jersey
Does the reviewer recommend this ship? Yes
Sailing Date: July 2007
Cruise Length: N/A
Destination: Eastern Caribbean
Room Type: Balcony
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Reviewer's Comments
Our cruise on the Crown Princess was great from the first to last moment. We really had a great time. To start with, I'm a really big fan of Princess Cruises, so going into the cruise I already knew that I was going to end up getting great service, great food, and good prices. This was my wife and my sixth cruise (the third on Princess).

The lines in the embarkation terminal were pretty long, so that was a little bothersome. Regardless of that, from the very first moment we stepped onto the ship we were in heaven. The staff was very courteous and the ship was beautiful. We really liked that the cruise went round trip from NY (since we live in NJ). It was nice to go on a real vacation without having to drive far or fly.

The spa is amazing. We tried the Rasul, it was very nice and well worth the cost. Some of the spa treatments did seem a little pricey, but not crazy pricey. The casino is nice. It has all of the table games and slot machines you could want. We're not big gamblers so we didn't spend a lot of time in there though.

The specialty restaurants onboard the Crown Princess are excellent. I'm not crazy about the fact that the cruise lines charge an extra fee for these, but I think it's worth it on this particular ship. I've been on other ships where I didn't think the surcharge was worth it.

There's really not many negatives that I can say. I do wish that they had a little more variety in the buffet, but the food quality was pretty good for a I can't complain too much.

Overall, I definitely recommend the Crown Princess (especially for those that live in the NJ/NY/PA area). It's a beautiful ship and I can't wait for my next Princess cruise.
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