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Cruise Review Summary
Cruise Line: Uniworld River Cruises
Cruise Ship: River Princess
Reviewer's Name: Rosemary B.
Location: Long Island, New York
Does the reviewer recommend this ship? Yes
Sailing Date: July 2008
Cruise Length: N/A
Destination: Western Europe
Room Type: Oceanview
River Princess Cruise Ratings:
Dining/Food: Cruise Ship Rating
Children's Facilities: Not rated
Entertainment & Activities: Cruise Ship Rating
Specialty Restaurants: Not rated
General Staff Service: Cruise Ship Rating
Spa & Fitness Services: Not rated
Stateroom Quality & Decor: Cruise Ship Rating
Ship Quality & Decor: Cruise Ship Rating
Overall Rating: Cruise Ship Rating
Reviewer's Comments
Great trip, excellent food, friendly staff and we highly recommend this one to anyone. Not a trip for children and there weren't any on board.
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