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Rich in Culture
Chennai (Madras) Highlights
Rich in Culture
Witness Chennai's many fascinating temples, museums, and cultural points of interest.
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Chennai (Madras)

Once a small fishing village formerly known as Madras, Chennai is now a highly-sought capital city on Southern India’s east coast. Chennai represents the cultural, economic and educational influences of India, and features an incredible transportation infrastructure. You will discover numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, diverse villages and neighborhoods, mouthwatering culinary traditions, artistic and religious influences, and so much more! There are also beautiful beaches, museums, temples, parks, and tons of interesting sights.

A great time of year to visit Chennai is between October and February, which falls in between the region’s pre-monsoon season and winter. Summers in Chennai tend to be extremely hot, while the monsoon season brings swarms of rain.

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Things to do near Chennai (Madras)

These are just a few of the more popular tourist attractions in Chennai (Madras), along with a brief description:

♦ Fort St. George

History buffs simply cannot miss the chance to check out Fort St. George. You can discover all you wanted to know about the history of Chennai/Madras here. Not only was it the first English fort built in India, it also signified the founding of Madras, was a cornerstone of British power in India, and continues to play a role in today’s Tamil Nadu Government. You can visit Fort St. George while spending time in Chennai, where you can discover St. Mary’s Church (India’s oldest Angelicin church) and a museum where you can view military memorabilia, Indian artifacts, and oil paintings of the fort’s royal family members. Don’t miss this incredible piece of history while spending time in Chennai!

♦ Marina Beach

If you’re looking to hit the beach while in Chennai, then Marina Beach is one of Chennai’s hottest tourist attractions.! This expansive coastline stretches over 1,400 feet (and one end is conveniently located within close proximity to Fort St. George). Although swimming and bathing are prohibited (due to dangerous undercurrents), there are two swimming pools to accommodate swimmers. While spending time at Marina Beach, you have your chance of catching a glimpse of sea turtles (who nest in the area). You will also discover a fabulous variety of food vendors, local shops, memorials, statues, an aquarium, opportunities for kite-flying and beach cricket, and even pony rides. Marina Beach is a wonderful setting for a morning walk, jog, or a leisurely stroll in the company of beautiful weather.

♦ Temples

Since Chennai is well-known for its religious and cultural influences, it only makes sense that you will find many beautiful temples to visit. Among the many temples you can check out include Arulmigu Sri Parthasaranthyswamy Temple (an 8th century Hindu temple), Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple (a Dravidian-style temple), Shri Ashtalakshmi and Kalikamabal Temples (two colorful and beautifully-designed temples), and Arulmigu Marundeeswarar Temple (a Shiva temple renowned for healing). When visiting temples, it is important to be mindful of their dress code, as many require proper attire for entrance.

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