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Savor the natural wonders of Haifa's majestic Baha'i Gardens
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Haifa is a busy, resort-like city in Israel that is also an outstanding port city to cruise from! Whether you’re into beaches, museums, restaurants, or nature, there are attractions and activities to suit all travelers’ tastes. Discover a multicultural atmosphere accentuated by a breathtaking skyline, biblical sites, and historic landmarks so fascinating you might not want to leave. While the city of Haifa is easily walkable (be prepared for many hills), you can also take advantage of their railway system if you choose to explore further out (such as to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem). With so many things to do and see, plus the number of other desirable cities in the region, you might consider spending some extra time in Haifa before or after your cruise. This gives you plenty of time to get to know the area without dealing with the stress of having to make it to your ship on time.

Many cruise lines offer cruises that visit Haifa, and there are several cruise lines that have cruises starting in Haifa. A great time to visit is during the spring.

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Destinations for Cruises from Haifa

The following cruise destinations can be visited on a cruise from Haifa. Select a destination to view the upcoming cruises that are available:

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Cruise Lines with Cruises from Haifa

The following cruise lines feature cruises leaving from Haifa. Select a cruise line to view upcoming cruises that they're offering from Haifa:

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Luxury Cruise Lines

When the finest cruise vacation is your top priority, this is the place to start.

On a luxury cruise line, guests experience highly personalized service, a more intimate (and usually formal) onboard experience, gourmet cuisine, well-appointed accommodations, and fantastic amenities. Many of these brands have smaller ships, allowing them to reach ports of call that the larger ships can't, which results in unique itineraries.

All of these brands feature a version of all-inclusive pricing, and some of them have ships with all-suite accommodations. Although these cruise lines are usually more expensive than the rest, they also provide their guests with so much more, resulting in a fantastic value when considering all that's included.

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Specialty Cruise Lines

These cruise lines offer a truly unique vacation experience, with a wide range of possible amenities and itineraries. Some are expedition cruise lines, others have sailing yachts or are coastal ships.

On these types of cruise lines, there's usually a focus on a specific destination or theme. Itineraries are usually very destination intensive, aided by the fact that they're able to reach many ports of call that larger ships can't.

Expedition cruise lines are a great fit for adventure-seeking travelers, featuring exciting destinations like the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, and the Norwegian coast. During the cruise, there will usually be plenty of interesting lectures given by experts on the destination being visited. Often, shore excursions are included in the cost of the cruise. In fact, some of these cruise lines have all-inclusive pricing. There's a definite focus on the ship's surrounding scenery, as well as opportunities to view wildlife in their natural habitat. Small, but comfortable, ships are commonplace here, with anywhere from basic to very luxurious public spaces, cuisine, and accommodations (depending on the cruise line and ship).

Sailing Yachts, sail-assisted motor ships, offer a really unique vacation experience. Accommodations and cuisine on these intimate vessels can be anywhere from good to fantastic, depending on the cruise line. Destinations offered by these cruise lines may include the Caribbean, Europe, Panama Canal, Tahiti, and Costa Rica.

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Things to do near Haifa

These are just a few of the more popular tourist attractions in Haifa, along with a brief description:

♦ Baha’i Gardens

Haifa’s most popular attraction is undoubtedly the Baha’i Gardens, which is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. Sometimes called the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, these majestic gardens are located on Mount Caramel and feature another famous attraction, the Shrine of the Bab. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Baha’i Gardens boasts acres of flowers, water features, sculptures, trees, and just about all the natural beauty you can handle! Guided tours are available in English, Hebrew, and Russian, offering you a wonderful way to make the most of your visit. Don’t forget to bring your camera and a good pair of walking shoes!

♦ Stella Maris Monastery

If you are fascinated by religion and culture, you definitely don’t want to pass over your chance to visit the Stella Maris Monastery (also called the Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel). This incredible 19th century site is located atop Mount Carmel and currently serves as the world headquarters of the Carmelites (a Catholic religious order of nuns and brothers). Tour the church to admire its beautiful interior and learn more about the complex of buildings. A lighthouse is also located nearby, where you can discover some of the most breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

♦ Madatech – Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space

Travelers who are interested in science and tech simply cannot miss Madatech, Israel’s National Museum of Science, Technology and Space. A very popular attraction in Haifa, this museum also sees thousands of visitors each year. Many of their exhibits are hands-on and interactive, making this a wonderful activity for families with young kids. Many of their exhibits focus on topics in aviation, optical illusions, energy, and more. There is also a multi-sensory 3D theater (not included in admission) where you can watch 3D films while engaging all five senses. There’s also a digital fabrication lab where you can take workshops on innovative ideas such as 3D printing, laser-cutting, and more.

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