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Beautiful Caribbean Port
Santo Domingo Highlights
Beautiful Caribbean Port
History buffs will appreciate a trip to the long-standing Dominican Republic capital city.
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Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is a wonderful cruise port in the Caribbean. As capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo is a very culturally-vibrant city. You will discover many attractions linked to its history, including Christopher Columbus. You can also check out some nice museums, parks with breathtaking scenery, ornate churches, and so much more! If you wanted to explore even further, the city of Santiago is only a 1.5-hour drive from Santo Domingo. Plus, you will come across a variety of international cuisine from seafood restaurants and steakhouses to pizzerias, cafes, sushi bars, and restaurants serving up Chinese, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. With so many incredible things to do, see, and experience, you might consider spending some additional time in Santo Domingo if you take a cruise that departs from it.

Ponant and Costa are currently the only cruises line that offering cruises departing from Santo Domingo. Destinations visited during a cruise from Santo Domingo may include La Romana, Bridgetown, and Fort-De-France. A great time to visit Santo Domingo is between November and March, when you can enjoy the nicest weather for exploring.

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Things to do near Santo Domingo

These are just a few of the more popular tourist attractions in Santo Domingo, along with a brief description:

♦ 3 Eyes National Park

For a nice escape from the bustling city, consider paying a visit to 3 Eyes National Park. The highlight of this beautiful nature reserve is an open-air limestone cave that features three breathtaking cave pools (otherwise known as the “eyes”). For an additional fee, you can join in on a boat ride to the fourth pool or “eye.” 3 Eyes National Park is a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy. You can choose to explore the caves by yourself, or hire a guide who can provide you with some more insights into the history of the park and city.

♦ Columbus Lighthouse

History buffs are certain to appreciate Santo Domingo’s Columbus Lighthouse. This monument doubles as a mausoleum, as many believe the remains of Christopher Columbus are housed inside. Though not a traditional lighthouse, this large concrete building features projecting beams of light that form the shape of a cross and can be seen for miles. When you visit the Columbus Lighthouse, you can spend some time checking out the museum that’s located inside, featuring exhibits of Christopher Columbus, Chile, and some other parts of the world.

♦ Flag Square of Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo’s Flag Square is the largest monument honoring the Flag of the Dominican Republic, and is where the country’s Independence Day celebrations take place. This is a great place to come to appreciate the country’s history and culture, as Pope John Paul II held the first Mass of a Roman Pontiff, which gave this square its fame. You can also visit here to learn more about the Dominican Republic’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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