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Beautiful French Port
Nevers Highlights
Beautiful French Port
Nevers is an entrancing destination from which to experience some of France's finest art and architecture.
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Located in central France, Nevers is a great destination to include in a Western Europe cruise, A rather quiet port town, Nevers is filled with beautifully-designed medieval architecture, grand palaces, historic landmarks, and tons of opportunities for you to learn about its famous porcelain industry. When spending time in Nevers, you will discover stunning cathedrals, beautiful parks, museums, and more! Plus, being located right in France, you can find some delicious French cuisine in the area’s many restaurants! If you take a cruise that starts or ends in Nevers, with so much to discover and explore, you might consider spending a few additional days before or after your cruise so you can take in everything.

CroisiEurope is the only cruise line that currently features cruises from Nevers. Their river barge, MS Deborah, features a few Western Europe itineraries from this cruise port, stopping at some great destinations along the way! In fact, you’ll be able to spend an overnight port stay in Nevers, meaning you can make the most of your time there! These itineraries also feature a few overnight stays in some other ports, such as Marseilles-Les-Aubigny, Lere, and Briare. A great time to visit Nevers, for the nicest weather, is between May and October.

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Things to do near Nevers

These are just a few of the more popular tourist attractions in Nevers, along with a brief description:

♦ Ducal Palace of Nevers

One of the most famous landmarks in Nevers is the Ducal Palace, which was the home for counts and dukes during the 15th and 16th centuries. Today, the Ducal Palace serves as the town hall as well as a tourist attraction. Boasting dramatic Renaissance architecture straight from a storybook, this palace overlooks the center of Nevers’ old town. Inside, there is an avant-garde museum where you can learn more about the history of Nevers, as well as a few more exhibitions, an aquarium (with fish from the Loire River), and more. Visiting this palace is an incredible and immersive way to take in the fascinating history of Nevers!

♦ Parc Roger Salengro

If you’re looking for a wonderful way to spend time outdoors in Nevers, consider making a stop by Parc Roger Salengro. This beautiful area is filled with many trees and flowers, plus a giant fountain, a children’s playground, and more. There are also some sculptures to interest the art enthusiast, as well as some walking paths where you can indulge in a nice stroll. Another unique feature of the park is a Ferris wheel, which is certain to delight your children (or inner children for adults!).

♦ Musee Municipal Frederic Blandin

Art-enthusiasts should not miss out on this awesome museum! Since Nevers is famous for Europe’s porcelain industry, you can learn more about the history of this type of art. You can also view a couple of other types of art, such as old advertisements, sculptures, portraits, and more. Though this museum is smaller than a typical museum you might visit during your time in port, it’s a wonderful opportunity to broaden your knowledge!

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