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Future Cruise Credits

Rebooking Your Cruise

We're committed to making every step of your trip smooth sailing, even when you experience unexpected disruptions to your travel plans. In the event you're issued a Future Cruise Credit ("FCC") by a cruise line, our Travel Specialists can not only assist you in applying your credit to a future booking, but also in finding the best way to maximize this value on a future vacation — even if your FCC is from a cruise you originally didn't book with us!

What is a Future Cruise Credit, and how can I use it?
A Future Cruise Credit ("FCC") can be issued by a cruise line for a variety of circumstances. Guests who have to cancel or modify their imminent travel plans may be issued a portion of their cruise fare in the form of an FCC, in lieu of a refund. Or, if the itinerary of an upcoming cruise is canceled or otherwise modified, the cruise line may issue an FCC as compensation at their discretion. In such a scenario, guests will be notified of any alteration to their upcoming cruise and whether they may receive a future cruise credit.

Just as the name entails, a future cruise credit can be applied to any new booking made towards a future cruise with that same cruise line. The exact value and promotional terms of any FCC is unique on a per booking basis, and depending on your situation there may be additional incentives attached to your credit.

How can I find the best value for my Future Cruise Credit?
Having to rebook a canceled cruise can be both a frustrating and disappointing experience. Our Travel Specialists are not only experts in cruise planning, but also know all the ins-and-outs to achieving the maximum value for your future cruise credit. On top of a hassle-free rebuking process, we'll find you the best deals for even more savings!

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