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Amazing City!
Explore Edinburgh's rustic towns and contemporary arts for the ultimate cultural fulfillment.
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Edinburgh is a wonderful destination to include on your next cruise vacation in Europe. With so many things to do and see, you might consider fitting an extra day or two in the city into your vacation if you're taking a cruise that starts in Edinburgh. Featuring a historic old town, medieval castles, whiskey distilleries, golf courses, cutting edge art and culture, and much more, you will never fall short of wonder at the city of Edinburgh. Discover dramatic volcanic peaks, century-old palaces, fascinating history museums, parks, zoos, famous landmarks, and so much more! If you’re visiting in August, you’ll also have the chance to attend one of their renowned art festivals as well, as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! The city center is very walkable, so you won’t have to worry about the hassle of arranging public transportation. Plus, you’ll come across a diverse culinary scene, plenty of hotels, and as many opportunities to explore as you desire.

A great time to visit Edinburgh is between June and August, as that is when its most temperate weather can often be experienced.

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Destinations for Cruises from Edinburgh

The following cruise destinations can be visited on a cruise from Edinburgh. Select a destination to view the upcoming cruises that are available:

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Cruise Lines with Cruises from Edinburgh

The following cruise lines feature cruises leaving from Edinburgh. Select a cruise line to view upcoming cruises that they're offering from Edinburgh:

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Luxury Cruise Lines

When the finest cruise vacation is your top priority, this is the place to start.

On a luxury cruise line, guests experience highly personalized service, a more intimate (and usually formal) onboard experience, gourmet cuisine, well-appointed accommodations, and fantastic amenities. Many of these brands have smaller ships, allowing them to reach ports of call that the larger ships can't, which results in unique itineraries.

All of these brands feature a version of all-inclusive pricing, and some of them have ships with all-suite accommodations. Although these cruise lines are usually more expensive than the rest, they also provide their guests with so much more, resulting in a fantastic value when considering all that's included.

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Specialty Cruise Lines

These cruise lines offer a truly unique vacation experience, with a wide range of possible amenities and itineraries. Some are expedition cruise lines, others have sailing yachts or are coastal ships.

On these types of cruise lines, there's usually a focus on a specific destination or theme. Itineraries are usually very destination intensive, aided by the fact that they're able to reach many ports of call that larger ships can't.

Expedition cruise lines are a great fit for adventure-seeking travelers, featuring exciting destinations like the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, and the Norwegian coast. During the cruise, there will usually be plenty of interesting lectures given by experts on the destination being visited. Often, shore excursions are included in the cost of the cruise. In fact, some of these cruise lines have all-inclusive pricing. There's a definite focus on the ship's surrounding scenery, as well as opportunities to view wildlife in their natural habitat. Small, but comfortable, ships are commonplace here, with anywhere from basic to very luxurious public spaces, cuisine, and accommodations (depending on the cruise line and ship).

Sailing Yachts, sail-assisted motor ships, offer a really unique vacation experience. Accommodations and cuisine on these intimate vessels can be anywhere from good to fantastic, depending on the cruise line. Destinations offered by these cruise lines may include the Caribbean, Europe, Panama Canal, Tahiti, and Costa Rica.

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Deluxe Cruise Lines

These cruise lines fit (quality and, usually, price-wise) somewhere in between Premium and Luxury cruise lines.

A country club casual atmosphere can be expected on these lines, as can be elegant accommodations and gourmet cuisine. These cruise lines are a great option for adults looking for a upscale, yet laid back, vacation.

Unique itineraries are often available on these cruise lines, as their small-to-mid-sized ships can visit ports of call that large ones can't get to.

The pricing on Azamara Club Cruises includes select beverages and pre-paid gratuities, while the pricing of Viking Ocean Cruises includes shore excursions and select beverages.

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River Cruise Lines

Becoming more and more popular, a river cruise is an immerse and destination-focused vacation experience, on a small and luxurious vessel.

River cruises sail through the inland waterways of some of the world's most interesting vacation destinations (i.e. Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America), and provide their guests with a greater opportunity to spend time visiting more unique ports of call than a traditional cruise typically would.

Because the destination is the star of a river cruise, (typically guided) shore excursions are included at no additional charge by many River cruise lines. There are usually many interesting lectures given during the cruise, by experts on the history and culture of the region being visited.

Among the famous rivers that one may take a river cruise on are the Rhine, Mississippi, Seine, Danube, Mekong, Nile, Yangtze, Amazon and Douro.

Atlas Ocean Voyages
  • Luxury / Specialty Cruise Line
  • Ships: 2 (196 - 198 Guests)
  • All Inclusive All the Way
  • "Luxe-Adventure" Cruising
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Hurtigruten Expeditions
  • Specialty Cruise Line
  • Ships: 7 (90 - 970 Guests)
  • Unique Expedition-Style Voyages
  • Wide Range of Excursions
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Hurtigruten Expeditions Hurtigruten Expeditions from Edinburgh Onboard Credit or Cash Back!
Lindblad Expeditions
  • Specialty Cruise Line
  • Ships: 16 (28 - 148 Guests)
  • All-Inclusive
  • National Geographic Partnership
View More
Lindblad Expeditions Lindblad Expeditions from Edinburgh Exclusive Onboard Credit!
Oceania Cruises
  • Deluxe Cruise Line
  • Ships: 8 (684 - 1,250 Guests)
  • Gourmet Cuisine
  • Country Club Casual
View More
Oceania Cruises Oceania Cruises from Edinburgh Cash Back, Onboard Credit or Grats!
  • Specialty Cruise Line
  • Ships: 12 (67 - 264 Guests)
  • Luxurious Private Yachts!
  • Sails to Exotic Destinations!
View More
Ponant Ponant from Edinburgh Huge Onboard Credits!
Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours
  • Luxury / River Cruise Line
  • Ships: 15 (68 - 228 Guests)
  • All-Inclusive
  • Offers River and Yacht Cruises
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Seabourn Cruise Line
  • Luxury Cruise Line
  • Ships: 7 (264 - 600 Guests)
  • Open Bars Throughout the Ship
  • All Dining Venues are Complimentary
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Seabourn Cruise Line Seabourn Cruise Line from Edinburgh Huge Onboard Credits!
Silversea Cruises
  • Luxury / Specialty Cruise Line
  • Ships: 13 (100 - 728 Guests)
  • All-Inclusive
  • All-Suite Accommodations
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Silversea Cruises Silversea Cruises from Edinburgh Cash Back or Onboard Credit!
Silversea Expeditions
  • All-Inclusive
  • All-Suite Accommodations
  • Personalized Butler Service
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Silversea Expeditions from Edinburgh Cash Back or Onboard Credit!
Tauck Cruises
  • River Cruise Line
  • Ships: 25 (40 - 310 Guests)
  • All inclusive pricing
  • Family owned cruise line
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Tauck Cruises Tauck Cruises from Edinburgh Exclusive Gift Cards!
Windstar Cruises
  • Specialty Cruise Line
  • Ships: 6 (148 - 312 Guests)
  • Small Ship Sizes Lead to Exotic Ports
View More
Windstar Cruises Windstar Cruises from Edinburgh Special Price, Onboard Credit or Grats!

Things to do near Edinburgh

These are just a few of the more popular tourist attractions in Edinburgh, along with a brief description:

♦ Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most scenic and highly-rated attractions in the city. Among some of the highlights of this iconic landmark include The Great Hall, Royal Palace, Stone of Density, St. Margaret’s Chapel, Half Moon Battery, and National War Museum. You can also see original weaponry, such as the Mons Meg siege gun and the One o’Clock Gun (still fired daily at 1PM except on Sundays and select holidays, subject to change). You can also tour the recreated Prisons of War, where pirates and prisoners were once held during the 17 and 1800s. You can choose to explore Edinburgh Castle on your own or sign up for a guided tour to ensure that you don’t miss any of the best highlights. Additionally, you can enjoy a meal in the on-site café, or experience Afternoon Tea in the castle’s tea rooms (reservations are required).

♦ National Museum of Scotland

Another top-rated attraction Edinburgh, the National Museum of Scotland is where you can get the best dose of Scottish history. You can view over a thousand artifacts and memorabilia in this museum’s many galleries. It’s a great way to learn about numerous aspects of Scottish history without having to jump from one museum to the other! Discover artifacts from the times of the Celtics, Romans, and Vikings, as well as preserved animal skeletons, jewelry that once belonged to the Queen, and even meet Dolly the Sheet, the world’s first cloned mammal. Kids will love the many interactive exhibits, such as the Energy Wheel (also known as a human hamster wheel), an F1 racecar simulator, and chance to dress up in historical clothes. Guided tours of the museum are available, or you can choose to explore the many exhibits yourself.

♦ The Scotch Whisky Experience

If you’re fond of whisky or simply interested in a unique experience, then consider paying a visit to the Scotch Whisky Experience! A tour will not only grant you the ability to discover the many different kinds of whisky, but you will also learn much about the drink’s history through its success today. Among some of the highlights include a barrel ride (where you can learn about the whisky-making process), a chance to see the world’s largest Scotch Whisky vault, and curated tastings. If you’re looking for an interactive experience that captivates all of your senses, this is it!

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